TikToker Reveals the Unspoken Scale for How Intoxicated You’re Allowed to be at Life Events

Life events are every adult’s perfect excuse to get drunk, because getting drunk (put simply) is fun. Any event can be turned into a party if you flood it with booze, but there is a secret, unspoken law that everyone must abide by to avoid social failure. How does everyone know this law? Trial and error. Just like how you’ve got to crack a few eggs to make an omelette, you’ve gotta throw up a few times on a booze cruise to really know your own personal scale of acceptable drunkenness.

Fortunately, one TikToker has debunked the mysteries of drunkenness in public by sharing her own personal scale (from 1-10) on how drunk you can get at certain life events. Her eerily accurate scale has gone viral, speaking to every wasted wedding guest, baby-shower goer, and first date that you’ve ever seen. So to avoid embarrassment at your next event, take notes because u/elirallo has cracked the code

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