Top 22 Mildly Interesting Pics to ‘Huh’ At

Simple joys are often what get us through the day, and these peculiar (yet totally regular) pictures below are here to showcase that. We’re not promising an overwhelmingly cool experience, but rather an underwhelming one that will result in a ‘huh’, or two. r/mildlyinteresting stays true to its name, as one of the top subreddits that Redditors flock to when they’re kind of bored. The sub encapsulates the beauty of the ordinary aspects of everyday life, and obviously and its charm relies on its ability to find fascination in the mundane.

We’ve gone through the trouble of selecting the top 22 pictures that really caught our eye, so feel free to scroll on down and check them out. Judge away, squint away, and most of all — enjoy. Have fun viewing the randomest of random. For more, here is a montage of memes for med students making it through medical school. You go, guys.

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