Video Of Men Taking Flower Pots From G20 Event Venue Goes Viral, Authorities Take Note: Watch

New Delhi: A video has been doing rounds on the social media where two men could be seen stealing flowers from a roadside in Gurugram which were set up for the G20 event to be held in the city. The two men could be seen engaged in plucking the flowers with the boot of their black Kia car opened where they were stuffing the flowers after which both of them drove away in the car. 

The video is now being widely circulated on social media where netizens have been criticising them for carrying out such an action. What also caught people’s attention was the number plate of the car with 0006 in the end. 

Watch the video here 

Speaking on the incident, Gurugram authority said that it has taken note of the incident. 

“It has come to our cognisance and action will be taken against them,” SK Chahal, Joint CEO, Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority, told news agency ANI. 

The millennium city will be hosting a G20 Working Group Meeting on anti-corruption from March 1 to 4, reported PTI quoting an official as saying. 

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District Commissioner (DC) Nishant Kumar Yadav said representatives from 39 countries are expected to take part in this event, where they will discuss the anti-corruption measures taken up in their countries and to what extent these measures were successful in curbing corruption and what more needs to be done.

They will share the good governance practices followed in their countries, meaning thereby, that the G20 countries will try to learn from each other’s experiences.

The outcome of the discussion will be shared with all participating countries and international organisations, he said.

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