Viral Twitter Thread Recounts Don Draper’s Most Insane Life Decisions on ‘Mad Men’

It feels like a hundred years have passed since I first watched Mad Men, which, along with The Sopranos, seems to have altered the trajectory of television. I wasn’t even 21 when the first episode aired, but it still made me want to swig whiskeys and martinis and chain smoke my way through the workday. The fact of the matter is that the behavior on the show, especially from Don Draper, is problematic. Because it is set in a different era, and I was really young when Mad Men first aired, it was easy to brush off the alcoholism and philandering and even look up to some of the men and women on the series. These days, not so much. 

Don Draper’s life choices were always questionable, but thanks to Twitter user @BenjaminCrew1, we’ve got a pretty concise roundup of his worst decisions on the show. The insanity comes gift-wrapped to us in a now-viral thread. It’s one that took us down memory lane and made us wonder if we were 100% sane when we thought Draper was God’s gift to womankind (or anyone who happens to be attracted to the troubled ad man). We’ve rounded up the countdown of Draper’s maddest moments, and we think it’s pretty damn on point. Are there any that @BenjaminCrew1 missed? Tell us in the comments! 

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