Viral Video Captures Mesmerizing Meteor Fireball Illuminating Australian Night Sky

Last Updated: May 23, 2023, 16:32 IST

Nature transformed darkness into daylight. (Credits: Facebook/Cairns Airport)

The sonic boom felt by residents indicates a possibility of the meteorite landing nearby, potentially leaving fragments for further investigation.

Australia experienced one of those rare moments when mother nature decides to turn the night sky into what looks like daytime. Surveillance cameras captured a breathtaking sight as a fiery fireball streaked across the night sky over Queensland. The dazzling display, believed to be a meteor, mesmerized onlookers near Croydon, Queensland, leaving them awestruck. According to Professor Phil Bland from Curtin University’s School of Earth and Planetary Sciences, the sonic boom felt by residents suggests that the meteorite may have landed in close proximity to the town, reported ABC. While most meteors burn up entirely before reaching the ground, there is a possibility that fragments of this celestial visitor made it to the Earth’s surface. The professor emphasized that further investigation is necessary to determine if any remnants were indeed deposited.

Scientists and astronomy enthusiasts were particularly intrigued by the event, recognizing the rarity and significance of such occurrences. The fireball meteor’s dazzling show reminded observers of the immense beauty and mystery of the universe, inspiring discussions about the nature of these cosmic visitors and their potential impact on our planet.

The captivating event garnered significant attention on social media platforms, with Cairns Airport sharing a video of the meteor on its Facebook page. Alongside the video, the airport expressed amazement and curiosity, prompting others to share their experiences and sightings. The meteor’s luminous trajectory created a sense of wonder and excitement, with individuals eagerly recounting their own encounters with the celestial phenomenon. The caption alongside the post read, “We witnessed some pretty incredible activity across our skies last night! Who else managed to spot the meteor?”

Social media users expressed their intrigue and awe at this marvel of nature. Many wondered where the meteoroid could have landed. Others shared that they had been lucky enough to witness this with their own eyes too. “Imagine if this landed a couple of hundred kilometres closer to the sea, that would have been a problem. How is it that the first we all knew of it was when we saw it hit the ground,” wrote a user.

Another comment read, “I was so lucky that I witnessed this pretty meteor.”

“Has the meteor impact spot been found? Looks like tablelands side from this view,” read a comment.

According to Professor Dr Paulo De Souza, the dean of research at Griffith University, the fireball meteorite observed in Australia is likely a typical metallic meteorite due to its distinctive blue and green hues. He explained that certain meteorites are quite prevalent and can be easily discovered. These types are predominantly composed of melted metals, typically iron and nickel.

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