Waste processing at Ghazipur landfill yet to pick up pace

A total of 6.86 lakh metric tonnes (MT) of legacy waste has been processed at Ghazipur landfill from July last year to April 24. 
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With the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) working towards flattening the Ghazipur sanitary landfill site (SLF), data accessed show that quantity of waste processed at the site – from July 2022 to April 24, 2023 – is the lowest among the three SLFs, including Okhla and Bhalswa, in the city. 

According to the data, a total of 6.86 lakh metric tonnes (MT) of legacy waste has been processed at the SLF during the said period, while the figures for the Okhla and Bhalswa sites stand at 10.12 lakh MT and 8.75 lakh MT respectively.

While the Okhla and Bhalswa landfill sites are to be flattened by December 2023, the deadline for the Ghazipur site was set for March 2024 by the MCD in October last year.

A closer look at the monthly figures for the Ghazipur site show 50,000 MT tonnes of waste was processed in March, 75,000 MT in February, 88,000 MT in January and 77,000 MT in December. The only month, during the said period, which saw the processing of over one lakh MT of waste was November (1.24 lakh MT).

Trommel machines

Currently, of the 25 trommel machines deployed at the Ghazipur SLF, only 22 remain operational.

When reached for comment, the MCD said work at the Ghazipur landfill is slow due to delayed progress by the concessionaire. It added that the contractor has been penalised.

Earlier this month, senior MCD officials had also said a show-cause notice had been served to the contractor. The official had said that the civic body was simultaneously looking to issue fresh tenders for a new contractor.

Commissioned in 1984, the Ghazipur SLF stands tall at 65 metres, and currently houses a total of 78 lakh MT of waste. While the east Delhi-based SLF reached its point of saturation in 2002, fresh waste continues to be dumped at the site.  The Okhla landfill currently sees no dumping of fresh waste. 

Waste generation

Delhi generates slightly over 11,000 MT of waste per day, out of which, areas under the erstwhile East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) generate a total of 2,600 MT of waste per day. The civic body previously noted that 700 MT of waste per day, out of 2,600 MT, was being dumped at the Ghazipur landfill site. 

Areas under the erstwhile North Delhi Municipal Corporation generate slightly over 4,500 MT of waste per day, while areas under the erstwhile South Delhi Municipal Corporation generate 3,600 MT per day. 

A total of 2,100 MT of waste per day – out of 4,500 MT – is being dumped at the Bhalswa landfill site, the MCD said.

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