Watch: Men Wearing Skirts Make Heads Turn In Delhi Metro, Internet Applauds

The video was shared by user Sameer Khan

Fashion is one of those things that transcends boundaries. While women have adopted male clothing throughout the years, men, too are slowly embracing attires that come with a tag of ‘only for women’. Lately, many social media influencers have been promoting the much-needed concept that make-up and clothing such as skirts and sarees should not be restricted to any gender. In one such instance of smashing gender stereotypes, two men donning skirts were seen travelling in Delhi metro. 

The video shared by user Sameer Khan shows him and his friend dressed in T-shirts, denim skirts, and a pair of sneakers casually walking inside the Delhi metro, as others watch them with surprise and curiosity. 

The video was captioned as, ”Clout chasers,” while a text overlay read, ”Wore skirt in Delhi Metro.”

Watch the video here:

The video has garnered mostly positive responses from people on Instagram, with many praising their confidence and sense of style. One user wrote, ”Its Comfortable, stylish & super versatile. Dont, see why Everyone shouldn’t wear it. Another commented, ”And boys say that they don’t have much clothes except shirts and pants, we can normalize these outfits.”

The act also opened a discussion on social media for breaking stereotypes around gendered clothing.

A third said, ”Really it’s not a bad idea… Boys also have the right of new fashion changes.” A fourth added, ”And killed it.” However, there were also a few who were not on-board with the concept. Yet another added, ”Because of people like you, the masculine trait has ended in boys.”

In defence, a user noted, ”Lungi is okay but skirts are not? I don’t understand they literally serve the same purpose.”

Last month, a man donning a skirt was seen doing a catwalk inside a Mumbai local train.

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