Watch: YouTuber Trains Robot To Dance And Perform Tricks, Takes It To A Dog Show

The fascinating video has left users intrigued

A YouTuber has left social media users stunned with his new experiment. Zac Alsop, who has 1.25 million subscribers on YouTube recently purchased a robot dog and equipped it with tricks and skills so that he could enter it into a dog show to compete with real canines. In a video, Mr. Alsop documented the whole process of how he trained the robot and also how it performed in the dog show. 

Sharing the video on his YouTube channel, he titled it, ‘I Entered a Robot Dog into a Dog Competition.’ 

Watch the video here:

The video opens to show Mr. Alsop being excited about his new purchase and introduces ‘Roobot’, the robot dog who ”doesn’t bark and actually listens to me.” Further in the video, he can be seen training the mechanical dog to walk, stand, and maneuver its metallic limbs. He also enlists the help of a professional dog show trainer and a skilled dancer to prepare it for the competition. After rigorous training, the robot dog takes part in the competition and actually manages to win the second prize. However, Mr. Alsop was not really happy as he was hoping for the first place.

The fascinating video has left users intrigued and posted a variety of comments. 

One user wrote, ”This is FANTASTIC Zac, I’ve never been so entertained and entranced by a story before.”

A second commented, ”Honestly that was awesome how accepting people were to the robot.”

A third said, ”You always have the most creative ideas for awesome Youtube content. Keep it up!”

A few months back, a machine-learning engineer integrated ChatGPT into Boston Dynamics’ robotic dog. The robot dog named Spot was seen communicating with people and answering a range of questions with the help of ChatGPT.

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