‘We are professionals and that is what’s expected of us’: Horrible Boss Demands Employees Work 60+ Hours Per Week

You can only work so many hours every week before you crack. While some think 40 hours a week is a back-breaking amount of working hours, others must tolerate 50-60 hours of weekly work to stay afloat financially. In my opinion, that’s when you start getting a bit loopy. If you’re working nearly every day without any breaks, you put yourself at risk for long-term health issues and general distress. If you have no time for loved ones or hobbies, then what is the hard work really for? Some people think if they work 70 hours a week for their entire twenties, then they will be rewarded for their hard work afterward, but there’s no real guarantee that this will happen. The only guarantee after working 70-hour weeks is that you will be miserable and unable to maintain such an unrealistic work ethic. One worker stood up to his boss, who tried to maintain this status quo of nonstop work

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