Weekly Cat Memes Full of Feline Funny (March 15, 2023)

Cat people have been consistently stereotyped over the years as being kind of strange. In the eyes of society, dog people are the bouncy, outgoing, family-orientated types, and those who prefer feline company are the crazy and reclusive ones. Let’s be real, no matter what animal you prefer, anyone who is super into having pets is probably a bit of an oddball (I sign this off as a lifelong animal lover myself). 

It’s obvious why cat lovers have been pegged as the strange ones, though. Just look at the creatures they devote so much of their time to. Cats aren’t always the most obedient and loyal of pets, to say the least. Still, this makes them all the more entertaining to be around, and to make memes out of. That’s why we can’t help but keep coming back to their screwball humor time and again. It really never gets old, no matter what.

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