Wholesome Dog Memes and Moments For the Dog Lovers of the World

Dogs are amazing creatures, and you best believe I think they need to be protected at all costs. Even after a couple of years of identifying as a “cat person,” there’s no way I can turn my back on the cute, devoted, and sometimes stinky creatures I grew up with. The bond shared with a pet is strong, and there’s something about a dog bond that can’t be replicated. Their eyes, full of devotion. Their grief when you leave home. Most of all, when I think about dogs, I think about Teddy, my family’s long-deceased Wheaten Terrier. Teddy was amazing. He wasn’t great with other dogs (he wasn’t socialized early in life) but he was my best friend. Every night he’d walk down to the basement to check on me. He’d usually cuddle with me for five minutes, then head back up, satisfied that I was safe and sound. He’d come to wake me up in the morning. That repeated sweetness made going to bed (and waking up) a much more pleasant experience. These memes go out to all the Teddys of the world, and their owners. 


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