Woman Accused Of Running Over Boyfriend With Car After He ”Ate One Of Her Chips”

The woman was charged with aggravated endangering life

A 42-year-old woman in Australia’s Adelaide has been charged with trying to run over her partner with a car after an argument over potato chips, 9 News.com reported. The woman’s boyfriend has claimed that his partner ”deliberately” tried to him over with her car after he took one of her chips.

Matthew Finn made the shocking claim at the Adelaide Magistrates Court against his partner, Charlotte Harrison. Mr Finn told the court that he made the mistake of asking for a chip from Ms Harrison’s chicken and salad pack while he was with her in her Subaru on February 26.

“I thought she was finished. I shouldn’t have asked for the chip. I had a chip and she’d pulled over and asked me to get out,” Matthew Finn was quoted as saying by 9News.

Ms Harrison dismissed the allegations and claimed that the incident was just an accident. She told the magistrates court that she was taking Mr Finn to the hospital and was assaulted by him on the way. She also added that he made her stop the vehicle to let him out. Meanwhile, Mr Finn alleged that when he stepped out of the car, he realised that Ms Harrison’s car was heading towards him.

Ms Harrison’s duty solicitor said she ”was not intending on harming” Mr Finn but accidentally hit the accelerator while trying to do a U-turn on her way to notify police, the Adelaide Advertiserreported. The car eventually crashed into another vehicle driving in the opposite direction. 

Mr Finn is however convinced that it was a deliberate act. 

“Straight into a Toyota Yaris, and yeah, the poor girl, she’d be shocked for life. That was the worst part. “I just jumped straight over – it wasn’t much of a jump – straight over into a bit of a lane there, and she just impaled the Subaru,” Mr Finn told 9News.

During her bail hearing, Ms Harrison was charged with aggravated endangering life and driving in a reckless or dangerous manner. She now faces an order of home detention until Friday. She will return to court on Friday to find out if her bail application was successful.


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