Woman Claims She’d Never Ask Anyone To Pick Her Up From The Airport Because She’s ‘An Adult’, Gets Roasted By Twitter

“Adulting” means different things to different people. For some, it’s the novelty of simple things, like paying your bills or going to the grocery store alone. For others, adulting means being completely independent to the point that you try and do nothing that even slightly inconveniences anybody.  

One month ago, a woman went viral for claiming that adults shouldn’t ask their friends to help them move. She implied that it was childish for people not to hire movers and said outright that you might lose a friendship over asking your friends to help you move. This mindset that asking others for help is antithetical to maturity and adulthood is rampant online, but it shouldn’t be. It’s essential to be in a place with your friends where you can ask them for help if needed and vice versa. This week, another woman went viral for a nearly identical hangup. This time, replace “helping friends move” with “picking up friends from the airport.”

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