Woman Posts Message to Husband’s Creepy Colleague Who’s Giving Stalker Vibes

“To my husband’s female colleague” Posted by u/MyIssues123

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“Wow they really are out there!” said OP

“It’s absolutely fine, I would be the same in your shoes. I honestly don’t know if it’s revenge for him not having an affair with her or if she really believes it.” said OP.

“Honestly, it could go either way. She could be mentally ill and genuinely believe this scenario she’s created in her head, or she could just be taking revenge on your husband and your family because he refused an affair like you said. Regardless, she sounds dangerous. Please stay safe!” said u/ickynickylicky.

“If she comes near us again I’ll look into it, spoke to my friend who is a police officer, can’t do anything yet, if she comes by again then I will discuss what our options are with him then. Something to do with intent if she shows up again, If I recall correctly.” said OP.

“I could swear I did read pretty much this exact story from this other woman this week. Except she truly didn’t seem to understand how ridiculously inappropriate she was being to the married guy. Just totally school-girl crushing on this guy. Try to flirt at work and inappropriately cornering the guy and trying to get him alone. All ‘he’s got a wife but he’s just too hot to stop myself.’ Until reddit ripped a her few new ones.” said u/boogers19.

OP updates Reddit with more tea

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