‘Ye Adani Hai Kaun’: Priyanka Gandhi’s Fiery Attack On BJP At Sankalp Satyagraha — WATCH

New Delhi: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Central government over the disqualification of her brother and party leader Rahul Gandhi. She said this was a ploy to evade questions on industrialist Gautam Adani.

“When arrogant dictators are unable to answer the questions raised, they try to suppress those who ask the questions. his entire Cabinet, government and MPs are trying to save one person and are not holding an inquiry. Who is this Adani in whose support everyone comes the moment his name crops up?,” Priyanka Gandhi said while addressing the ‘Sankalp Satyagraha’ at Rajghat on Sunday.

“Rahul Gandhi had at least raised some questions on the Adani issue. Why did you resort to deceit and hypocrisy? What is the arrogance that you will not answer the questions of the public? The people of our country do not like the arrogance,” the Congress leader said in an attack on PM Modi.

Reacting to ‘Pariwarvaad’ (family culture) charge of the Prime Minister, Priyanka said, “You (BJP) talk about ‘Pariwarvaad’, I want to ask who was Lord Ram? Was he ‘Pariwarvaadi’, or were the Pandavas ‘Pariwarvaadi’ just because they fought for the culture of their family? Should we be ashamed because our family members fought for the people of the country? My family has nurtured the democracy of this country with their blood.”

Addressing the gathering, she said that time had come to raise a voice against an “arrogant government” as barring Rahul Gandhi from contesting the elections does not bode well for the country and its democracy.

“Time has come and we are not the ones who will remain silent anymore,” she said.

“This country’s prime minister is a coward. Take me to jail but the truth is this country’s prime minister is a coward. He is hiding behind his power and (he) is arrogant. But this country’s tradition is that people reply to an arrogant leader. This country recognises an arrogant leader. This country knows the truth,” she added.

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